Should Abortion be Legal? Argumentative Essay by Nicky

Should Abortion be Legal?
This paper looks at the morality of legalizing abortion.
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Published on Feb 01, 2011 in Philosophy (Ethics) , Hot Topics (Abortion) , Law (General) , Ethics (General)

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In this article, the writer discusses that the question for abortion according to a recent strain of philosophical thinking, is twofold: first, is the human fetus a person, and second, is it ethically and/or morally acceptable to kill non-persons? The writer maintains that making abortion illegal does not stop abortion from taking place, it merely increases the immorality of the act by endangering the mother's life--and the doctor's livelihood--in addition to the fetuses. The writer argues that all humans could be seen as nothing more than fleshy bags of potential; none of us has fully realized our capabilities until they are by definition ended when we draw our final breath. The writer concludes that not letting someone take their first breath is simply not a moral act.

From the Paper:

"It is generally accepted that it is immoral and/or unethical to kill a ``person,'' that is, one whose personhood is not in question. If we cannot determine whether or not a human fetus qualifies as a person, then the only safe moral choice is to not have an abortion. If abortion only might be killing a person, which is considered an irreprehensible and immoral act, then wouldn't not committing this maybe-crime be the only logical action? If personhood does not exist outside of the brains of a few philosophers--as I maintain it does not--then there is no discernible biological difference between the human fetus and the full-fledged adult other than developmental differences. Some might argue that these differences are large enough to warrant a skeptical consideration of the full human-ness of the fetus--this is, in fact, one of the ways in which personhood is applied to the abortion issue. This argument does not hold water, however, unless infants, toddlers, and arguably anyone who has not yet reached puberty is also not considered a full person."

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