Shakespeare's "King Lear" and "The Tempest" Argumentative Essay by Madame Mimi

Shakespeare's "King Lear" and "The Tempest"
Looks at the concept of justice as seen in Shakespeare's plays "King Lear" and "The Tempest"
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This paper explains that, although Shakespeare's tragedy "King Lear" and his romantic comedy "The Tempest" are very different, the quest for justice plays a major part in each play. Both from Shakespeare's late period, the author assumes that, as he aged, he used his plays as a format to investigate the role of justice in human life. The paper details the different facades and aspects of justice that motivate many of the characters in both of these plays. Included in the paper are many quotations.

From the Paper:

"In "King Lear", justice is a major theme, and injustice is a major character. Lear himself sets it all off by violating Aristotle's premise that the pater familias can do no wrong to his family, and confirming that a person can do wrong to himself when one segment of his being wars with another. Aristotle says, "It is only by metaphor that a man may be called unjust to himself, an expression which means that the relation between one part of him and another part of him is analogous to the unjust relation between persons." Lear, as we will see, is Shakespeare's metaphor for how a man may be unjust to both himself and his family."

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