Sex and Violence in the Media Argumentative Essay by Peter Pen

Sex and Violence in the Media
An analysis of the long-term effects of young children's exposure to media sex and violence.
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This paper discusses the effects of the increasing amount of sex and violence that is portrayed in the media. It discusses sex and violence on television, in films and in music and video games. The paper especially focuses on the long-term effects of exposure to media sex and violence at a young age. It shows how this exposure has led to undesirable social consequences.

From the Paper:

"Other physical and psychological problems that video games incur include obsessive, addictive behavior, dehumanization of the player, desensitizing of feelings, personality changes, hyperactivity, learning disorders, premature maturing of children, psychomotor disorders, health problems due to a lack of exercise and tendonitis, development of anti-social behavior, loss of free thinking, etc. (Setzer). One major problem is that none of these problems are systematically or empirically proven or disproved. Very few scientific studies have been conducted in the aim of displaying the negative psychological effects of video games. It is hard to for one to argue these points because the lack of scientific backup hinders the claim. Just as any other topic of discussion, the most persuasive and meaningful method of argument is providing scientific backup to your claim. Setzer hopes that the knowledge concerning this he has passed on may help lead to further research done so that it may help in solving future problems concerning the violence in video games."

Sample of Sources Used:

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