Same-Sex Marriage: An Idea Whose Time Has Come Argumentative Essay by Nicky

Same-Sex Marriage: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
An argument for the recognition of same-sex marriages.
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Published on Nov 24, 2011 in Gender and Sexuality (Homosexuality) , Hot Topics (Same-Sex Marriage)

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The paper outlines the arguments that prohibiting same-sex unions causes social harm and harm to the couples' children and same-sex marriage has been a longstanding practice in society. The paper then notes the arguments against same-sex marriage and discusses California's Proposition 8 that abolished same-sex marriage. The paper points out the steady gains same-sex marriage supporters have achieved in Iowa, Vermont, Massachusetts and New York and notes a victory for advocates of same-sex marriage that even anti-gay crusaders had to tread carefully in their rhetoric in Proposition 8. The paper even considers Proposition 8 a harbinger of hope that a more vocally mobilized gay rights opposition might be able to strike this proposition in the future.

From the Paper:

"Prohibition of same-sex unions, in other words, has ramifications beyond a denial of romantic love and hurts individuals far beyond the immediate couple. Furthermore, a violation of one group's civil rights ultimately harms all of society. "Denying marriage to same-sex couples removes from one group a fundamental, important human right--the right to marry the person that one loves and to whom one has made a commitment. That is unfair and unjust in a democracy" (SSM, 2009, Religious tolerance). In February of 1997, "the U.S. Government issued a list of over 1000 laws giving special rights, privileges and responsibilities to heterosexual married couples. Gay and lesbian committed couples are excluded from these laws and denied the benefits and protections that they would otherwise bring to themselves and their children" (Couples who are not permitted to marry, 2009, Religious Tolerance). In Minnesota, support for the state permitting gay marriage was directly tied to the economic crisis: "We're in a time of economic crisis, and it's difficult for everyone," said one supporter, as it is "more difficult for those families that don't have access to those basic provisions for economic security," including the joint ownership of property; joint credit; the ability to share health-care benefits with a partner; and inheritance rights" (Welch 2009)"

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