Rights of the Gay Community Argumentative Essay by Nicky

Rights of the Gay Community
A look at the rights of gay people in today's society.
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This paper comments on how many changes and advances are being made in the world and questions whether society is going too far in this attempt to be a modern and open minded society and if we should strive to preserve some moral values as initially intended. The paper aims to demonstrate that, in terms of gay communities and their rights, the thin ethical line has been long crossed and that we need to go back and respect more traditional values.

From the Paper:

''Probably the strongest argument against gay rights is based on religious matters. Gay rights are often perceived by the Church as Sodom's solemn warning. The two cities, Sodom and Gomorrah, were burnt down by the Divinity as a punishment of their morally decaying behaviors. Incidentally or not, the word sodomy is based on the name of the Biblical city. Sodomy means in fact unnatural sex, and clearly suggests that those who engage in such actions will be punished just like the two towns. Before the destruction of the city, two angels, in the form of men came to stay with Lot. The men in the town surrounded his house and demanded to see the two men that were visiting him in order to get to know them better (sexual intentions). Lot pleaded the town men to reconsider and even offered his two virgin daughters instead. His request was denied and the men insisted that they be offered the disguised angels. The angels then took Lot to safety and advised him to take his family out of the town. Immediately afterwards, God smacked down Sodom.''

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