Reform Congress Now Argumentative Essay

Argues that USA Congressman should have term limits of two consecutive terms.
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This paper contends that the most important argument relating to USA Congressman term limits is that it is desired by the voters because, in most cases, when term limits appear on local or state election ballots, it passes. Next, the author stresses that having term limits would allow Congress to be infused with new people and new ideas and would get rid of the "career politician". The paper underscores that, without term limit, this country is nothing less than a dictatorship disguised as democracy.

From the Paper:

"Another consequence of unlimited congressional term is the over-spending that is done by the old regime. Most congressmen who are up for reelection get their funding from lobbyist on the promise to push through some legislation to benefit the lobbyist. The bills that are proposed and usually passed do not help the American people in any way and are passed due to some deal between congressmen rather than what is good for the people whom they are charged to represent and serve. With term limits legislators will be more likely to vote on principle instead of party lines. Legislators will be able to better serve the people and the back scratching that is going on in congress now would be a thing of the past. The increase in taxes and the increased size of the government is a direct consequence of the unlimited term limits of congress. Term limits would bring more average Americans to congress, which would bring an end to the "career politician".
"Another flaw in the in our current system of government is that it discourages the average citizen from seeking public office because the incumbent is entrenched and has almost endless resources due to years of making deals with lobbyists and special interest groups. As a result the American people have stopped turning out to vote."

Sample of Sources Used:

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