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A look at the arguments regarding the necessity of recycling.
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Published on Jul 21, 2003 in Environmental Studies (Recycling)

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This paper discusses how, as a nation, America is beginning to realize that it is not dealing with its wastage responsibly and sufficiently and how the best and possibly only solution to this problem is to promote more and better recycling procedures. It analyzes how recycling is so important to the long-term well-being of the nation that it should in fact be made mandatory; individuals, businesses and government should all be required by law to recycle. It examines the three basic arguments regarding the necessity of recycling. The first is the issue of landfill space. The second is the issue of overall saved energy and resource. The last deals with the degree to which recycling reduces pollution. It also looks at the many objections to mandatory recycling, such as the feeling that this sort of mandate intrudes on personal conviction and freedoms and that recycling suffers from a negative cost-benefit analysis.

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"Is not the government, though, dictating an awful lot of work for individuals? They must sort their own recyclables, clean them for pick-up, and so forth. Oughtn't they have freedom from that? Yet liberty has never been defined as freedom from a little bit of work. After all, we currently make people carry their own trash from inside the house out to the curb. We currently require that they bag it themselves as well. Trash collectors will not haul away one's trash if one leaves it unbagged on the front steps, and this is not seen as an affront to the liberties and self-determination of those who take affront at the inconvenience of picking up their own yards. In the same way, it is legitimate for a state-offered service of trash removal to require that all trash be presented for removal in an appropriate fashion. If that fashion comes to mean the segregation of various sorts of disposables, that is as acceptable as requiring that leaves be bagged separately from household garbage in the fall."

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