Racism in Sports: Mascots and Logos Argumentative Essay by vinoth

Racism in Sports: Mascots and Logos
An examination of the arguments for and against the use of Native- American logos and names in sports.
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This paper examines racism in sports as a serious global issue today. The writer discusses some incidents of racism in sports worldwide and then focuses on the widespread use of Native-American mascots and names for elementary school all the way up to the professional level. The writer presents several arguments for and against using names and mascots derived from the Native-American people. The paper concludes that sports should always be free from such controversies and the best way to do this is to avoid the use of names and mascots that hurt the feelings of other people and belittle their culture.

History of Racism in Sports
Sports Team Names and Mascots Derived from Indigenous People
Arguments Supporting the Use of Native American Mascots and Names
Arguments Against the Use of Native American Mascots and Names

From the Paper:

"There have been a number of racists events in sports like football, baseball, basketball, cricket and many other games which defame not only the players involved in the game but the game itself. This is the reason why the sporting bodies have adopted strict laws to eradicate racism from their sports. In the year 1995 Essendon Football club player Michael Long filed a complained with the Australian Football League against Damian Monkhorst from Collingwood Football club which was widely investigated throughout that year. The Herald Sun revealed some controversial incidents that came to light when it conducted a special investigation into racism in junior Aussie Rules. There have been many other racists events targeting black individuals. However, the most worrying racists events are those targeted at a particular ethnic race or group of people. Use of Native American mascots and names of ethnic groups has been in practice for a long time and this tradition continues to be used in naming school sports teams in United States of America and Canada. This practice of "playing Indian" has been found to be in practice since 1700s."

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