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Racial Profiling
This paper examines the problem of racial profiling in the United States and Canada.
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The paper explains that courts give the police discretion in who they stop during traffic stops, but statistics prove that more African-Americans are stopped than whites. The paper reveals that many African-Americans are frisked, their vehicles are taken apart and they either get a ticket or go to jail for some bogus reason. The paper points out the opinion that racial profiling is not a problem, but disagrees and argues that changes must be made to stop this racial profiling.

From the Paper:

"Imagine a young African American driving A Ford Explorer to an interview when he is pulled over by the Georgia State Patrol. The young man was driving five miles over the speed limit or less. The police officer asks for back up though he does not appear to have a valid reason for back up. The two officers take apart the Ford Explorer looking for drugs (Callahan and Anderson 2001). Would this same scene have happened with a white male? It is important to look at the definition of racial profiling, how the courts give police officers the discretion to stop African Americans and how the problem of racial profiling should be stopped."

Sample of Sources Used:

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