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Prostitution in the U.S.A.
This paper argues that prostitution in the U.S.A. should be legalized.
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This paper explains that, although prostitution is often referred to as the world's oldest profession, it is not so much a profession as a job of last resort for marginalized, poor women. The author argues that it needs to be recognized that prostitutes are workers like everyone else and should enjoy the same rights and protections. The paper stresses that, most importantly, prostitutes must not be further victimized by punitive legislation. The author points out that, since the prostitution industry will not go away, society should stop wasting tax dollars on trying to forcibly eliminate it. The paper recommends that steps should be taken to make life easier for these sex workers by such actions as providing health care.

Table of Contents:
Executive Summary
Background: How We Think about Prostitution
Purpose of the Study
Scope of the Study: Abuse Faced by Prostitutes
Sources and Methods
Reasons Why Prostitutes Do Not Use Legal and Policing
Resources, and Suggested Solutions
Reasons for Not Reporting Crimes
Why We Have an Obligation to Protect Prostitutes
The Current Legal Situation in the USA
Decriminalization: A Possible Solution?
Treating Prostitutes with the Same Respect as Other Workers
Ensuring Prostitutes have Access to Health Care

From the Paper:

"Since the 1970s, prostitution and related crimes have been totally illegal in the USA (except in thirteen counties in Nevada). The legal definitions of prostitution that are used vary, but most define prostitution as an exchange of money for sex. There are also laws against pandering and procuring, which are directed at people such as pimps. The legal definition of pimping is usually living off the earnings of a prostitute. This is usually totally illegal. All of these laws totally ignore the fact that prostitution is often not a choice."

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