Pornography and Violence against Women Argumentative Essay

Pornography and Violence against Women
This paper seeks to defend the claim that pornography leads directly to violence against women.
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Published on Jan 22, 2012 in Hot Topics (General) , Gender and Sexuality (General)

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This is an argumentative paper that seeks to defend the various claims and studies showing that viewers of pornography will purportedly commit acts of sexual violence. Beginning with a brief look at pornography in a general light, the writer then goes on describe its rise to such a stage, and the purpose of pornography. The argument goes that those who view pornography are prone to act out either their fantasies in real life, or they are consistently at a lack of gratification that forces them to act out violently.

From the Paper:

"In general, the society does not see anything wrong with marital rape because in most communities the woman is under obligation to satisfy her man's sexual desires regardless of whether she enjoys it or not. This is the underlying reason as to why women don't report cases of marital rape because they will be labeled as wives who do not want to grant their husbands their conjugal rights. Women also contribute to the rise in sexual crimes by putting on provocative clothes such as mini-skirts and tight trousers. Many people do not agree with this argument but it has been found to insight men into sex. Men are more sexually aroused by what they see with their eyes as opposed to women who view sex as emotional.
"Women should keep away from lonely places because those are the most appropriate areas for this evil. They should not accept lifts from male drivers that are not known to them. Date rape can also be avoided by bringing along a close friend and by informing their families and friends about their whereabouts. This will be useful in tracing them just in case they go missing. Women should also avoid watching adult movies with people they would not want to have sex with because when the other person is turned on they will choose the person who is most convenient to them. Violent sexual contents make men believe that women are sexual objects that can be used as one wish. Sexual offenders should be punished heavily to discourage the would-be offenders. "

Sample of Sources Used:

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