Political Influence Over Stem Cell Research Argumentative Essay by Nicky

An argument against the Bush Administration's political opposition to stem cell research and development.
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Published on Jan 29, 2012 in Hot Topics (Stem Cell Research)

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The paper highlights the detrimental effect of the policies supported and implemented by the presidential administration of George W. Bush that virtually banned embryonic stem cell research. The paper explains the fundamental basis of political opposition to stem cell research and identifies the principle reasons why religious objection is inappropriate. The paper emphasizes the potential benefits of stem cell science and argues strongly that dogmatic religious-based belief contradicts the most straightforward, logical, ethical principles and secular moral considerations.

Executive Summary
The Detrimental Effect of Legislative Restriction on Stem Cell Scientific Research
The Fundamental Basis of Political Opposition
Objective Ethical Analysis
Potential Benefits of Stem Cell Science

From the Paper:

"Shortly before the turn of the 21st century, scientific research in the area of heredity artificial genetic manipulation had progressed to the point of being able to clone simple organisms and more complex organisms such as sheep, albeit not entirely without problems and complications (Tong, 2007). More importantly, subsequent applications of stem cell research demonstrated incredible beneficial potential to cure human diseases that have defied even the most sophisticated available treatments, in addition to obviating the entire concept of organ donation for transplantation and providing the only realistic hope for victims of traumatic paralysis (Lo, Chuang, & Lamb, 2003).
"To a large extent, the medical applications of stem cell science with the greatest beneficial potential have already been verified by previous research. While they may require substantial additional research investment to perfect and develop for clinical use, there is little disagreement on academic grounds that the envisioned applications are not technologically feasible (Lo, Chuang, & Lamb, 2003). However, political opposition from the conservative Right Wing has long opposed revolutionary advances in medical science and that has lead several successive American presidential administrations to restrict scientific progress inappropriately (Dershowitz, 2002).
'In that regard, former First Lady Nancy Reagan eventually apologized and publicly reversed the vehement opposition to stem cell research that characterized the Reagan White House throughout two terms in office (Pollack, 2007; Tong, 2007). Her public statement and subsequent support for aggressive stem cell research was precipitated by her experience with Alzheimer's suffered by former President Ronald Reagan in his last years of life and her realization that some of the areas of scientific research to which the Reagans had been so opposed offer realistic hope for a cure for Alzheimer's (Pollack, 2007; Tong, 2007)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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