Policy Analysis of Electric Vehicles in California Argumentative Essay by hungry2347

Policy Analysis of Electric Vehicles in California
This paper examines laws and proposals (both state and federal) aimed at regulating the increasing numbers of electric vehicles in California.
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The paper contends that current emission standards in force in the US and California are not sufficient to fight air pollution. The paper claims that the classification of electric cars as "zero emission" vehicles is incorrect and detrimental to the fight against air pollution. The paper then continues to explain why, in the authors opinion, this is so and suggests a number of possible regulatory solutions.

From the Paper:

"The current standards for electric vehicle carbon dioxide emissions are not sufficient for long-term implementation. While Pavley designates a 130 gram CO2 equivalent per mile requirement for EVs to meet, the current stance of the European Union and of the United States Environmental Protection Agency allows for auto manufacturers to assume 0 g CO2e/mi equivalent for a certain number of vehicles sold. This practice is detrimental to the fight against greenhouse gas emissions and is not an appropriate policy to extend into the standards for the upcoming years 2017 - 2025. Instead, California is in need of a policy that provides a multifaceted attack on greenhouse gas emissions, including a yearly schedule for emissions from vehicles that must be met by auto manufacturers, paired with regulations and revamping of the power industry as well as increased fuel taxes."

Sample of Sources Used:

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