Penal Law, Drug Use and Trafficking Argumentative Essay by cee-cee

Penal Law, Drug Use and Trafficking
An argument against the U.S. government's laws on drug use and trafficking.
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The paper examines the logical basis for penal law and discusses the viewpoint of those who object to the application of penal concepts to private drug use because it is absolutely no different from governmental regulation of private liquor consumption or smoking cigarettes at home.
The paper argues that the solution to the problems that illegal drug use and trafficking cause in society is to punish any deviant behavior associated with it, just as we punish underage drinking. The paper believes that the legitimate purpose of penal law is to protect society from harm caused by individuals, not to protect mentally competent adults from harming themselves privately, should they choose to do so.

Background and History
The Logical Basis of Penal Law
Unjustifiable Modern Criminal Laws

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