Obama Health Reforms Argumentative Essay

Obama Health Reforms
Argues that President Obama health reforms will reduce the cost and improve the quality of health in America.
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This paper suggests that President Obama's commitment to reform the health care system for the better will go a long way in making health care affordable to all citizens, insurance companies more accountable and stable family and government budgets. Next, the author reports the problems within the current health care system and the way they will be corrected by the new plan. The paper concludes that these reforms will end discrimination against patients with preexisting conditions and help improve the American economy.

Table of Contents:
Thesis Statement
Background of the Information
Problems of the United State Health Care System
Solutions to Fix the Problem
How the Future Would be

From the Paper:

"Medicare and Medicaid will be expanded including 133 % of the state poverty level which will range from $29,327 for a family of four. The Medicaid will be expanded to include childless adult to tart by 2014. However the illegal migrants will not be guaranteed any Medicare.
"The insurance company will not be in a position to deny children coverage based on preexisting conditions six month after the enactment of the bill. All company insurance will have provided coverage to anyone with pre-existing conditions."

Sample of Sources Used:

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