New York Puerto Ricans Argumentative Essay by Nicky

A cultural viewpoint of New York Puerto Ricans and their language.
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Published on Nov 28, 2010 in Sociology (General) , Ethnic Studies (General) , Hot Topics (Immigration)

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This paper looks at how the culture and history of Puerto Rico is extremely important in New York Puerto Ricans, especially in the Bronx, where most of these immigrants live. The paper argues that people who think New York Puerto Ricans (and others) should speak English does not take into consideration the culture and background of the Puerto Rican people. The paper also makes the case that it is important to remember that Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory and that Puerto Ricans are "Americans" as well as Puerto Ricans. If they choose to retain their native language and use it even after they immigrate to New York, it is a way to remember their culture and their homeland, which is something that makes them extremely proud and happy.

From the Paper:

"It is quite popular today to argue that immigrants to The United States should assimilate into American culture as quickly as possible. In fact, there is much negativity regarding immigrants who do not speak English and much misunderstanding about bilingual education, the need for bilingual voting ballots and other documents, and the use of Spanish in immigrant homes. However, this is a way that the people remember and retain their culture. In Spanish neighborhoods, people expect you to speak Spanish. Two authors note, "When one is Puerto Rican it is almost expected to have some sort of Spanish language background, if not one is often mocked by other Puerto Ricans of all age groups" (Garcia and Nieves-Ferreri). Their viewpoint is that Spanish is part of their culture, it is in their blood, and they have to continue to use the language to honor their culture.

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