Modern US Counterintelligence Argumentative Essay by scribbler

Modern US Counterintelligence
Argues that the current state of American counterintelligence is grossly inadequate in view of the threats the United States is facing.
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This paper first defines what are considered acts of counterintelligence, outlines the various activities and analyzes the history of US counterintelligence. Next, the author indicates that the decline in US counterintelligence capabilities has come about because of too much transparency, group thinking and not giving the intelligence community the resources it needs to deal effectively with the variety of threats. The paper concludes that the situation can be improved by giving greater independence to the different intelligence agencies, limiting the overall access of Congress, preventing the use of anonymous sources in the press, increasing funding and hiring more personnel to monitor counterintelligence activities.

Table of Contents:
History of Modern US Counterintelligence
Issues That Have Led to the Decline of US Counterintelligence
How These Problems can be Fixed

From the Paper:

"A second issue that is helping contribute to the decline of US counterintelligence is: group thinking. In general, group thinking works well for solving a variety of problems and providing oversight. However, in the field of intelligence / counterintelligence, this kind of thinking has been disastrous. This is because Congress is trying to run the various intelligence agencies from the different intelligence committees on Capital Hill. When you are trying to protect the country against new emerging threats, you need to be able to secretly conduct operations without having the entire world know. Since Congress decided to micro manage the US intelligence community, they have increased the total number of leaks, as more people who know about various activities will increase the odds that the details of an operation will be disclosed to the wrong person. Then, the constant changes in the way that Congress monitors the various intelligence agents; have meant that some agents in the field maybe hesitant to engage in various activities. For out of fear that they could be doing their job of protecting the nation, yet once they return home Congress is breathing down their neck, as if they are some kind of criminal."

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