Literature of Spiritual Metaphysics Argumentative Essay by Nicky

Looks at literature that enables a better understanding about spiritual metaphysical events and experiences.
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This paper explains that scientists are skeptical about spiritual metaphysics because it defies a scientific explanation for the phenomenal experiences reported by individuals; thereby, the body of literature supporting spiritual metaphysics is most often discounted by scientific community. However, the author underscores, today it is possible to find more literature in support of spiritual metaphysics, noting writings by James H. Snowden, Dr. Brian Weiss and others. The paper stresses that the writings of practitioners of Reiki and prana as a self-healing process tools and associated case studies must be documented meticulously so as to satisfy the medical and scientific arenas. Quotations are included in the paper.

Table of Contents:
Literature Against
Literature Pro
Findings through Literary Analysis
Summary and Conclusions

From the Paper:

"Edgar Cayce, a modern day prophet and healer, who himself was perhaps not completely aware of his own abilities in that he diagnosed, but did not lay hands upon the patients in the prana way. Nonetheless, Cayce, in the book relied upon for support in this dissertation, did, while in a meditative trance, as was his own process for connecting the physical, emotional, and spiritual; recites the story of Jesus, taking Jesus as an entity back to the Beginning, as the Beginning is told not just in the Old Testament, but in the earliest form in Zoroaster. This is in keeping with Reiki, and as we can see by Cayce's example, by his self as a prophet, God has in fact revealed his self to humanity time and again. That God is the light. Here, Cayce reveals the parallel that exists between Reiki and religion, because Reiki uses the light force, the God force, in the healing of the physical, emotional, and spiritual.
"It remains unknown, because of Cayce's death, as to whether or not Cayce could have achieved the same results by laying on of hands as he did with using his meditative trance to direct medical physicians to the specific patient ailments as he did."

Sample of Sources Used:

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