Legalization of Marijuana and its Medical Uses Argumentative Essay

Legalization of Marijuana and its Medical Uses
A research paper that gives a detailed overview on the legalization of marijuana, an analysis of its medical uses and an insight into laws surrounding the controversy.
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Published on Feb 11, 2003 in Law (Criminal) , English (Argument) , Criminology (Drugs Enforcement)

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This paper is an in-depth look at why marijuana's use for medical application is a purpose important enough to legalize the substance with pharmaceutical control by the government. The author examines scientific and historical background of marijuana, and the lack of public information on marijuana.

Medical marijuana use.
Ancient use of marijuana
Marijuana used for religion and other things.
Facts about marijuana.
Research on marijuana's potential abuse.
Lack of public information on marijuana
"Legal" drugs abuse
Media hype of marijuana
Ethnic tendency towards abuse
Marijuana and cancer chemotherapy
Marijuana and AIDS
Other medical uses of marijuana
Enough medical research.
Cannabis research
AIDS patients and marijuana.
Medical marijuana activists
Voters in favor of legalizing marijuana in many states.
Positive medical applications of cannabis.
Many countries have legalized medicinal marijuana.

From the Paper:

"Marijuana has been known for centuries and played a significant role in human history, being used for religious ceremonies, rope, medicine and recreation, among other registered uses. An enormous amount of hypothesis has been developed concerning other uses, or consequences of using dope. Mythologies from many countries speak of numberless gods and deids. It is possible many of these gods were imagined or seen by shaman or oracles that were under the influences of drugs. Cannabis use was mentioned in the fours Vedas (from India), one of the oldest religious manuscripts (Harrison, 70). Such Reginald Campbell and R Everett offer a general overview of marijuana in Substance Abuse in Workplace: " The most common form of marijuana found in the U.S. is Cannabis Sativa... There are about 421 known chemicals in the plant... but the active chemical is believed to be the tetrahydro-cannabinols (THC), oils possessing physiological activity... Some symptoms of marijuana intoxication include confusion, euphoria, hallucinations, hunger, red eyes, ego-inflation, dry mouth, excessive laughing and coma" (42-43). Marijuana intoxication is said to last two to three hours, but the ingredient delta-9-tetrahydro -cannabinol can accumulate in brain and testes tissues (Hubbard, Franco, Onaivi, 1999). Marijuana, pot or weed, among other names, has a variety of practical uses. Hemp is used to built cords and even clothing. There are a number of websites on the Internet that offer a variety of products made out of hemp. Sadly, it is to blame that such a helpful herb be considered illegal due to the bad nature and unconsciousness of humans."

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