Jesus Argumentative Essay by drtony

This paper argues that, from a Catholic biblical and catechism perspective, Jesus has no brothers.
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This paper explains that, in John 3:16, it is stated that God gave the world his only begotten son. The author points out that the Hebrew culture strongly rejects a man who takes another man's wife or daughter without consent; therefore, Joseph would have feared the reciprocation that would come from having intercourse with the mother of God incarnate and, thus, Jesus could not have had any brothers. The paper stresses that, if Jesus did have brothers, it would not have been by the righteous man Joseph, who God chose to raise him. The author concludes that no where in the Bible does anyone talk about someone's grandfather or grandmother because multiple generational titles are a custom used mostly in the western world. The paper does not include a bibliography but does use in-text biblical references.

From the Paper:

"The response to my first argument would be that Mary was married to Joseph and had relations with him after Jesus was born. The problem with this is that God is and always has been Jealous. Further, although, Joseph was promised Mary, no where in the bible does it say the Joseph had relations with Mary. In fact, if he believed that Jesus was the son of God, which he did, he would have never known Mary in such away. For in Hebrew tradition, she would have been married to God himself."

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