Is State Sovereignty Declining? Argumentative Essay

Is State Sovereignty Declining?
Argues against the belief that state sovereignty worldwide is on the decline.
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This paper explains that the Westphalian concept of state sovereignty is being modified by various contemporary challenges so that it is losing some of its traditional characteristics. Next, the author looks at these challenges, which include the human rights issues, economic and cultural globalization and the development of the supranational institutions resulting from economic integration. The paper argues that these challenges have not affected linguistic, religious, cultural and social institutions; thereby, it cannot be said that state sovereignty is on the decline but rather in a period of slow transition as it adjusts to these challenges.

Table of Contents:
The Concept of Sovereignty
Contemporary Challenges
Human Rights
Economic Globalization
Supranational Organizations

From the Paper:

"No state is more important than the other neither is any state in the world a subject of the other. The concept of the independence of states and their legal equality internationally is referred to as state sovereignty and this concept covers all the matters that are permitted by the international law. State sovereignty protects any nation from external interference and intrusion by other states that are enjoying their own sovereignty. The ways in which a country gains independence in the face of sovereignty are political, economic, cultural and social in scope."

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