Is Faith Personal, Communal or Both? Argumentative Essay

Is Faith Personal, Communal or Both?
An argument that faith is both a personal and communal matter.
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This paper questions whether faith is a personal matter or a communal matter and uses Saint Francis of Assisi and the Franciscan friars to argue that faith is both a personal and communal matter. The paper explains that faith should be a personal choice, and others' opinions cannot be the sole reason for choosing one's faith, yet, one should celebrate that faith in the community. The paper therefore concludes that faith is a a personal matter but should also be lived in the community.

From the Paper:

"Faith has to be a personal matter before it becomes a communal matter. While the faith should also be a communal matter, anxiety to become a certain faith can arise if faith is a communal matter, whether it is strictly or first a communal matter.A person does not truly have faith if the decision to a faith is made due to this anxiety because the person most likely does not even know if he or she truly believes in it. Therefore, devoting oneself to a particular faith is a serious decision and should not be made out of convenience, comfort, or anxiety.For example, a person should learn about all aspects of the faith before making a final decision. Another example would be the hundreds of men who were interested in becoming a Franciscan friar as part of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. A man should not apply to become one of the friars simply because he likes the idea of the Catholic Underground, for example. The man should understand the many rules that the friars have to follow, such as prayers he must say a day and that he must practice fasting and abstinence, which is laid out on a table. For example, all Franciscan friars must practice fasting and abstinence on Ash Wednesdays, the vigils of Pentecost and of the feast of St. Francis, and Fridays and Saturdays of Lent."

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