International Environmental Compromises Argumentative Essay by writingsensation

International Environmental Compromises
This paper argues that the problems of international environmental compromises must be resolved.
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This paper explains that the debate over the Kyoto Protocol, an international set of standards regarding environmental issues, that specifically regards the emissions allowed by each nation, which are negatively affecting a global climate change, demonstrates the problem of international environmental regulation. The author points out that disputes in current worldwide groups like the United Nations and regional organizations, such as NATO and the Organization of Latin American States, do not give an optimistic outlook for the world's ability to compromise when it comes to environmental regulations. The paper argues that creating a bureaucratic standard and enforcement mechanism for environmental regulations is going to be an incredibly difficult task;therefore, non-governmental organizations, NGOs, will be the non-bureaucratic movement, which will eventually be the most influential in terms of changing international environmental policies.

From the Paper:

"There must be punishments or enforceable measures for nations that are found not to comply. The details of how long a nation has to comply and in what manner it will be determined that they have failed to comply to the standards will take a massive bureaucratic effort, using thousands of hours of research, of manpower on the ground, and then of deciding on a proper method of enforcement. This bureaucratic effort is a huge factor in why the world has not adopted a uniform model of environmental standards-even if a compromise can be reached with all the world's nations, who will pay for the inspectors? Who will pay for bringing the industries up to standard-the nation at fault, or the world community as a whole?"

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