"Insidious": A Rebirth of the Horror Industry Argumentative Essay

"Insidious": A Rebirth of the Horror Industry
A review of the film "Insidious Chapter 2" directed by James Wan.
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Published on Feb 09, 2015 in English (Analysis) , Film (Analysis, Criticism, Etc.) , English (General)

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This paper argues why Insidious 2 was a great movie from a cinematography prospective instead of just "I liked it". It's a critical evaluation paper.

From the Paper:

"Soon after I finally recovered from my recurring nightmares caused by the first installment, Insidious2 was released. In the second chapter we are reminded that no matter how long ago you left something behind, it can always find you again. After retrieving his son from the further, Josh Lambert and his wife Renai are expecting everything to go back to the way it was but with Elise dead things are hardly routine. Renai has a sneaking suspicion that things aren't up to par. Insidious: Chapter 2 is the most impressive horror film of the decade due to its Flawless use of camera angles, lighting, soundtrack, and special effects. to bring out the eerie storyline. Every other movie blunders in comparison.
"The camera angles used in a picture are crucial to the integrity of any motion picture. Without strategic and dynamic viewpoints films appear flat, boring, and ill directed - especially in the horror genre. Movies like The Apparition and Drag me to hell deteriorated my love for horror films with their interminable and irksome lack of camera angles, showing only straight on shots of the characters and events. Both films suffered tremendously due to sloppy cinematography. But contrary to how it looked like movies were going to be from here on out, the Insidious series reincarnated hope for the genre with genuinely charismatic cinematography. It was so refreshing to see their world in all different perspectives. Panning in or out to convey suspense, scanning the bottom floor at a bird's eye view to catch the little details they add to really scare you, and an upwards glance at the menacing "Josh" to make you feel even more vulnerable to his evil."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • If you like to be frightened, Insidious: Chapter 2 is the movie for you. Prepare to jump right out your seat and into a world where evil lives, breathes, and kills. The best part of this movie is that every scene had electrifying details and little things to catch in the corner of your eye. You could watch this movie everyday for a month and you would notice at least one new element that makes this movie so amazing every time. No other movie made in the last ten years can even compare to the thrill and astonishment caused by this movies immaculate camera angles, impeccable soundtrack, stimulating lighting, astonishing storyline, and life-like special effects.

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