In Favor of Legalization of Prostitution Argumentative Essay by Write Fine

In Favor of Legalization of Prostitution
This paper examines the issue of prostitution and argues in favor its legalization.
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In this article, the writer argues that legalization of prostitution is necessary in today's society. The writer discusses that there is a significant difference between the legalization, regulation and decriminalization of prostitution. The writer maintains that the legalization of prostitution would preserve the rights of prostitutes and provide a safe and healthy environments to ply their trade. Further, the writer maintains that it would ensure that prostitutes do not become victims of abuse and that human trafficking, especially of minors, for sexual purposes would be reduced, if not completely stopped. The writer concludes that this would prevent the spread of deadly diseases and would result in significant economic benefits to counties, municipalities, cities and even the state.

Introduction and Thesis
Definitions and Descriptions of Key Terms
What is a Prostitute
Legalization of Prostitution
Prostitution in the United States as a Legal Profession
The Case for Legalization-Decriminalization of Prostitution
Relevant Analogies to Prohibition (of Alcohol) and Abortion Rights
Redirecting of Law Enforcement Services
Safety of Sex Workers
Protection for Minors forced into Prostitution
Health of the Prostitute and the Customer
The Reduction of Human Trafficking
Role of Government in Legalization of Prostitution
Arguments against Legalization of Prostitution

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