Imperial Warfare in the Ancient World Argumentative Essay by Grahamdubya

Imperial Warfare in the Ancient World
Presents an overview of wars fought by empires in antiquity and the motives behind them.
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This paper argues that, as the reason for battling evolved from survival to expansion, ancient empires had to fight wars of conquest to
continue to grow or they would stagnate and eventually collapse. Next, the author examines the warfare of prehistoric and early man and the military might of Cyrus, the Great and Alexander, the Great and the modern warfare after the Cold War. The paper concludes that the reasons for warfare remain the same throughout history even though there have been substantive changes in modern nationhood. The paper includes footnotes.

From the Paper:

"Revenge did play a part in the early conflicts, albeit less drastically as was once thought. Even cases that might seem like petty retribution often bore some underlying concern - in the days before agriculture and surplus foodstuffs, territorial boundaries held a far greater significance for these societies than today. Attempts to attribute these wars to the lack of a modern ethical code are meaningless at a time when fear and hunger were inevitable and absolute. As societies approached the dawn of civilization, though, these seemingly clear-cut explanations would be supplanted by less tangible honor killings."

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