Illegal File-Sharing Argumentative Essay by Nicky

Illegal File-Sharing
Argues that courts and Congress have gone too far in trying to regulate file-sharing.
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This paper examines why there is such a strong stance against illegal file-sharing and discusses the difficulty of enforcing laws against file-sharing online in a way that protects consumer freedom to download music and the freedom of computer programmers to create file-sharing technology. The Napster case and its implications are discussed, as well as some of the legal measures aimed at curbing illegal file-sharing, such as the Higher Education Act 2008 which is directed against illegal-file sharing on college campuses. The paper suggests at the end that the real issue behind the questions of illegal file-sharing is that the music industry cannot afford to live in the past and must try to stop shutting down file-sharing sites and instead focus on recreating itself in a new, virtual world.

From the Paper:

"Also, laws against file-sharing have been almost impossible to fully enforce, and have, if anything, spurred hackers on to be more creative. No matter how many court battle are fought, the music industry, if it does not change, will still feel the economically detrimental effects of its outmoded methods of music marketing, with a focus on selling songs. The real heart of the illegal downloading issue is that the music industry, faced with plummeting CD sales, and the persistent difficulty of regulating illegal file-sharing despite the favorable court decisions regarding Napster and Grokster, has had trouble rethinking its paradigm for profits. Programs such as American Idol, music concerts, fan magazines, and other methods of generating revenue seen to be a better focus to generate profitability in the future for the music industry."

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