Human Stem Cell Research and Therapy Argumentative Essay by Min Min

Human Stem Cell Research and Therapy
A discussion on the ethical issues related to human stem cell research and therapy.
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This paper offers an overview on the scientific background of stem cell research and therapy. It also discusses the ethical issues involved, which include informed consent and ownership and the destruction of embryos when stem cells are harvested. The author explores the slippery slope towards human cloning if therapeutic cloning is not restricted and the commodification of human cells, tissues and embryos.

Stem Cells: What?
Use of Stem Cell in Research and Therapy
Ethical Issues
Informed Consent and Ownership
Destruction of Embryos
Slippery Slopes towards Reproductive Cloning

From the Paper:

"The discoveries of methods of deriving and culturing human stem cells with nuclear replacement technique have enabled researchers to find out the previously unidentified therapeutic potential of human stem cells. This has stirred up much excitement and hope, and at the meantime, it has also elicited immense controversies and debates. Today, few have doubts about the potential of stem cell research in reducing the suffering of those afflicted with severely debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer's diseases, and the possibility of curing them might not be far-off. However, some are alarmed by the rapid development of this area of study. They insisted that such research is to be regulated and restricted, even though its results are beneficial for human's well being. Between the pro- and anti-stem cell research groups, no consensus has been reached, and the debate continues."

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