How Can We Control the Illegal Drug Trade? Argumentative Essay by BULLZ1LLA

How Can We Control the Illegal Drug Trade?
This paper argues in favor of legalizing drugs and suggest measures that should be taken to combat the drug problem.
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In this article, the writer maintains that until there is a united international criminal law and cooperation between law enforcement agencies to help stem international supply, drugs will continue to be a problem. The writer argues that drugs should be legalized and maintains that decriminalization could gain greater control. Further, the writer proposes various steps that need to be taken in order to combat the problem of drugs.

Normalize the User, Not the Use?
AFP Initiatives Aimed at Curbing the Supply
Catching the Big Fish Doesn't Change the Diet
A Systematic Approach

From the Paper:

"Often when we talk of decriminalization of drugs it sparks outrage and gives the impression that we will contribute to the expansion of drug culture to the point of them becoming as common in mainstream society as cigarettes. There is also the fear that those who are using drugs will continue their addiction and not receive help. But decriminalization is not a one-way street, and rather than a loss of control it is often aimed at gaining greater control. Instead of banning drugs, and going to war against drug use, time, resources and money should be spent on research, treatment and prevention. In order to do that we have to bring the affliction up to the surface rather than blindly fighting the underworld it stems from. In order to take a closer look, we have to give those who use drugs a closer look. Only then can we begin to alter their life-cycle which in turn will reduce the demand for drugs in our society. And only then can the drug trade fall by the waste side where it belongs."

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