H1B Visa Caps and Xenophobia Argumentative Essay by Nicky

This paper argues that H1B visa caps are based on xenophobia and should be reformed.
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This paper examines the reasons for current H1B visa caps, citing it as caused by unfounded xenophobia and arguing that this policy be reformed. The paper takes an approach open to immigration to the US, noting the contributions of immigrants to American innovation and success. The purpose of the H1B visa is described and the paper shows that limiting the potential number of immigrants on this visa would take the best and brightest to other nations, therefore losing talent to the competition of the global marketplace. According to the paper, the cap is meant to curb the flow of specialized immigrants into the United States as to protect American jobs. It is also pointed out how several major U.S. employers are now advocating a huge increase in the number of individuals allowed entry into the United States under the immigration cap. The paper concludes by stating that borrowing innovation from other areas of the globe will help ensure America's persistent success in both business and scholarly endeavors.

From the Paper:

"However beneficial these immigrants might be to the American workplace, there has been a cap placed on the number of immigrants granted H1B visas. Currently, the U.S. gives 65,000 H1b visas to immigrants annually. This number is then augmented with an additional 20,000 international students that hold a MBA or higher degree from an accredited American university. The cap is meant to curb the flow of specialized immigrants into the United States as to protect American jobs from being completely flooded with H1B holders, while still reaping the benefits of recruiting international minds to help build American business within their specialized fields."

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