Globalization and Russian Reluctance Argumentative Essay by supercalifragilistic

Globalization and Russian Reluctance
This paper looks at the the globalization of world economies and discusses how Russia fails to embrace globalization opportunities.
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In this article, the writer relates that there was much fanfare and there were well-publicized, high hopes world-wide that when Russia rejected its communist-style dictatorship, the enormous, sprawling nation would become a pivotal part of the global economy. The writer notes that with all those resources and that huge population, Russia has yet not come close to living up to the promise many in the international community held out for it. The writer maintains that it would seem to be a reasonable move for President Putin to position his country to be able to join the globalization community and to go head-to-head with other major G-7 nations on the competitive playing field. The writer argues that Putin has made a lot of moves to strengthen his own political position at the expense of building his nation through trade and interactions with wealthy nations. The writer concludes that this is bad news for Russians; but at least they can speak their mind at the polling places, if, in fact, the elections are truly free of interference from the Kremlin.

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