Globalization and its Effects Argumentative Essay by cee-cee

Globalization and its Effects
This paper discusses the theory that globalization weakens the state.
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In this article, the writer notes that when speaking about whether globalization weakens the state, there are several arguments that must be taken into consideration. This paper first deals with the question of whether globalization is beneficial or not, pointing out that this subject can be discussed in several manners depending on the example provided. The answer to the main question, of whether globalization weakens the state or not, is also highly dependent on the way the matter is treated. The writer presents both parts, arguing both that globalization brings prosperity and that it brings more economic power to a state and that globalization shifts power from the government to the private sector.The writer concludes that globalization seems to work only for already developed countries, even though all countries that agree to the global capital market agree to the rules of globalization.

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