Genesis: The Tallest Tale Argumentative Essay

Genesis: The Tallest Tale
An argumentative paper against Genesis.
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This is an argumentative essay that favors evolution over Creationism. Evidence is taken from eight different sources regarding human evolution. The paper is divided into five different arguments that the author feels Genesis can not substantiate.

Consistency with Scientific Theory
Other Explanations

From the Paper:

"Every human has to wonder how the world and all of its species came to exist. Many have turned to the ideas presented in the Bible for answers. This has formed into Creation science or biblical science. ''By Creation we mean the bringing into being of the basic kinds of plants and animals by the process of sudden, or fiat, creation described in the first two chapters of Genesis'' (5). Creationists believe that the writings of Genesis provide an explanation of how the universe was made. God's superior powers constructed the reality we know today. The following is the order in which God constructed the universe. ''In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth'' (Gen. 1:1). On the second day He created the sky and water. On the third day dry land appeared out of water. Next, he put stars in the sky and made the changing seasons. On the fifth day birds and water creatures were created. Lastly, man was put on earth and God took one of man's ribs to produce a woman."

Sample of Sources Used:

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