Gender: Nature versus Nurture Argumentative Essay by Master Researcher

Gender: Nature versus Nurture
An argument that the basis for gender differences is more nuture than nature.
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Published on Oct 02, 2003 in Gender and Sexuality (Gender Studies) , Sociology (General)

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This paper examines the debate as to whether nature or nurture is the basis of gender differences and argues that gender differences are predominantly social constructs, the result of nurture more than nature. The paper discusses the role of Christianity in society and social organization and describes how our society is patriarchal in that it defines a secondary role for women. The paper addresses how women are disadvantaged in the workplace and contends that this is due to racism and economic exploitation.

From the Paper:

"When the subject of differences between the genders, and the question as to whether these differences are a result of genetics (nature) or socialization (nurture), one often hears dolls mentioned. Commonly it is asserted that girls play with dolls while boys do not and that this type of socialization orients women to domesticity and childrearing. Interestingly, this assertion is factually inaccurate but, I believe, asserts accurately that it is nurture not nature that largely accounts for gender differences. Indeed, the differences between men and women are largely explained by this fact, society gives them each different 'scripts' and different roles to play.
"As a matter of fact, boys do play with dolls. However, they are not called dolls. They are called action figures. You relatives of mine call them army 'guys'. This is even more revealing that the simple argument usually heard. Boys do play with dolls but they do not call them dolls. When my young relatives were playing with their action figures I asked them if they were playing with dolls and they became quite incensed. They assured me that boys did not play with dolls (as they were happily playing with dolls.)"

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