Gay Marriage should not be Legalized Argumentative Essay by Mgmleo

Gay Marriage should not be Legalized
A debate on whether or not gay marriages should become legalized.
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This paper deals with one of the most controversial issues in America today: whether or not gay marriage should be legalized. The author puts forward the three main arguments against gay marriage: 1) it can put children at risk; 2) it can cause undue expenses for employers and the U.S. government; 3) it has the potential to undermine the traditional institution of marriage between one man and one woman. The author of the paper, states however, that gay marriage should be thoroughly examined from every angle of inquiry in order to promote and encourage the democratic principles upon which America was founded.

From the Paper:

"One of the most basic arguments against gay marriage is related to the role of children in such unions. Legalizing gay marriage, as Peter Sprigg points out, "would of course logically lead to granting homosexual unions adoptive and parenting rights and the implications of this are dire indeed" (156). Conversely, some studies have suggested that there appears to be no solid difference between children raised in a stable homosexual home and those raised in a traditional heterosexual home, yet in truth, there are a number of problems with the potential to severely affect the children brought up in such environments.
"First of all, the development of sexual identity could be impaired among children of lesbian or gay parents. Some studies suggest that "children brought up by gay fathers or lesbian mothers show disturbances in gender identity or in gender role behavior" and that some children "will themselves become gay as a result of living in a gay environment" (Kotulski, 167). In this case, children would become confused as to their individual gender differences and might not see nor understand the differences between men and women. Also, if a child sees nothing wrong with being gay, he/she might attempt to emulate the parent's lifestyle and thus lead the life of a homosexual/lesbian."

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