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Gay Adoption
This paper argues against the myth that gay adoptions are dangerous to children.
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This paper explains that the opponents of rights for gays and lesbians claim that gays and lesbians are not merely unsuitable as potential adoptive parents but also entirely immoral. The author underscores that, overwhelmingly, the opposition to adoption by gays and lesbians is based on religious arguments. The paper relates that, although opponents of homosexual adoption have long tried to make a case that a child raised by a homosexual couple is at greater risk than a child raised by "straight" parents, serious research to support this is virtually non-existent. The author stresses that there is overwhelming scientific support, from such authorities as the American Psychological Association and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, that gays are entirely suitable as adoptive parents.

From the Paper:

"Despite these studies, there are bitter opponents of gay adoption, and it is notable that a tiny group of people remain dedicated to the idea that there is a "scientific" basis for opposition to gay adoption. One of the most credentialed opponents of gay adoption is Lynn Wardle, a professor of law at the Brigham Young University Law School. Wardle has been most vocal in custody disputes, in which he contends if a biological parent is found to be gay, this creates a rebuttable presumption that the parent is unfit and should therefore by denied custody."

Sample of Sources Used:

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