Failure of the "No Child Left Behind Act" Argumentative Essay by Nicky

Failure of the "No Child Left Behind Act"
Argues that the "No Child Left Behind Act" is not the sole reason why the public schools fail some children.
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This paper explains that some people rightfully believe that the "No Child Left behind Act" assessment process is problematic for students from different cultural backgrounds, with disabilities or with difficulties performing well on tests. Next, the author stresses that the real problem creating lower graduation rates, especially African-American, Latino and English-second-language students, is a combination of this testing requirement, teachers themselves and the American school culture. The paper underscores that the students, who perform poorly on these tests, are the students who need the most help but are the ones that are most likely not to get it within the typical American public school system.

From the Paper:

"Other teachers may even participate in a cultural, gender, religious, or other bias toward students. In fact, students from cultures other than the American culture may fare poorly in the public education system because of its cultural assumptions. Not only are students who are different often teased by their peers, an action that could have social and psychological damage, but students also have to accept the American culture in classroom management, homework, and other school situations. Some standardized tests are even difficult for students from different cultures because they make cultural assumptions in the test questions."

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