Euthanasia: An Ethical Issue Argumentative Essay by thowyatt

Euthanasia: An Ethical Issue
This paper looks at the controversial issue of euthanasia and argues that it should be permitted in some instances.
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Published on May 24, 2009 in Philosophy (Ethics) , Hot Topics (Euthanasia) , Medical and Health (General) , Ethics (General)

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In this article, the writer notes that euthanasia is a hotly debated ethical issue these days, and there are certain arguments for and against its practice. The writer discusses that arguments against euthanasia are usually based on the sanctity of life, and such arguments are often compatible with religion, but arguments for euthanasia concern individual liberty, and a desire to prevent more suffering than is absolutely necessary. In this paper, the writer addresses arguments for and against euthanasia, and explains why it is an ethical issue. The writer concludes that euthanasia, in some cases, should be permissible.

From the Paper:

" Euthanasia is defined as the painless termination of someone's life, but the ethical dilemma surrounding the topic has to do with whether or not it is alright to euthanize someone who is in a vegetative state, and can no longer think for him or herself, and whether or not assisted suicide is morally acceptable. The first of these scenarios would entail someone, such as a family member or physician, ending the life of someone who is in great pain following an accident, but cannot express their own wishes (whether or not they wish to remain on a feeding tube, or on life support) because of physical body damage, and this is known as passive euthanasia. The other issue, the one of physician assisted suicide, entails someone like a physician assisting someone who is in great pain, but not in need of life support, in committing suicide, maybe by administering a lethal dose of medication, to alleviate the patient's pain, and this is known as active euthanasia."

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