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Ethnic Profiling
An in-depth look at the main objections to the practice of ethnic profiling.
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Published on Jun 15, 2009 in Hot Topics (Terror and 9/11) , Ethnic Studies (General) , Law (General)

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This paper considers the argument that in some cases ethnic profiling is necessary in terms of national security, but takes the position that
ethnic profiling is in essence morally and ethically indefensible and that it serves to exaggerate and even create racial and ethnic divisions. The paper offers a brief overview of the background of ethnic profiling in the social context of the United States and shows how it is a continuation of the historical prejudice and discrimination that has pervaded society for many years. The paper focuses on the central arguments against ethnic profiling and emphasizes that the objection to ethnic profiling must be sustained even with regards to security issues.

Definition and Background
Central Arguments Against Ethnic Profiling
Assessment and Conclusion

From the Paper:

"Ethnic profiling is a term that in recent years has led to heated debate and controversy and has in many cases become linked to and identified with negative connotations of ethnic and racial discrimination and prejudice against minority groups. This has raised a plethora of ethical and moral issues that surround this term and these issues have been further complicated and exacerbated by security factors and modern terrorist threats.
"While ethnic and racial profiling has been largely condemned by various groups and commentators as being intrinsically unethical and discriminatory, on the other hand there is a strong counter argument which suggests that profiling has become a necessary security precaution in the modern world. This counter view is bolstered by arguments that examine ethnic profiling in detail and assert that profiling in itself is not intended to be discriminatory in any sense and should rather be seen as an essential part of objective crime monitoring and detection."

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