Ethics, Talk-Show Hosts, and Producers Argumentative Essay by johnnyoutsmart

Ethics, Talk-Show Hosts, and Producers
A look at the way talk-show hosts and producers violate ethical codes of conduct in their profession.
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Published on May 09, 2005 in Communication (Television) , English (Argument) , Communication (General)

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The paper argues that talk TV shows are responsible for physical or emotional harm, as talk-show hosts and producers deliberately anger guests and shock them into extreme and unthoughtful emotional reactions.

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"Like most media viewers realize, the media plays a large role n shaping their opinions and forming their attitudes towards issues and people. As viewers, many of us respect and admire TV personalities, believing that talk show hosts, for example, reached their positions because they have something important to say. In other words, Jerry Springer viewers can be easily influenced by his opinions and the content of his show when they look at his ratings and discover that millions are watching an listening to him. Of course there are many who know that the media should not always be listened to because the views and information offered could e prejudiced, or who realize that one should not allow the views of a talk show host to influence him as they could be subjective ones. The problem is that not all media viewers have this awareness. Therefore, it is very important that the media follow the code of ethics that was established specifically for it. In the media code of ethics there is one simple, but very important rule, which is respecting others. As "Panel: Dr. Laura Violates Ethics Code," explains, the media should not promote opinions that will, in any way, encourage discrimination, hatred or actions that will motivate people to go against the human rights of others. Quite simply, the media should not promote hatred, incite rage, or encourage people to fight with, or harm others. The media has a moral responsibility towards its viewers. Unfortunately, when one looks at the current popular talk TV shows, such as Jerry Spring, Jenny Jones, Maury Povich, Ricki Lake and others, one finds that there is a real disregard for this ethical code. Guests are encouraged to display rage, be violent, exhibit discrimination and even deliberately incited by TV hosts and producers to display extreme levels of negative emotion towards others. The consequence is that guests are often psychologically and physically harmed by other guests, with TV talk show hosts an producers arguing that it is not their responsibility but the responsibility of the guests themselves. While it is true that it is the guests who inflict harm upon one another, the fact is that the talk TV shows are responsible for the physical or emotional harm as talk show hosts and producers deliberately anger guests and shock them into making extreme and unthoughtful emotional reactions."

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