Ethical Issues Concerning Cloning of Human beings Argumentative Essay by ccurreyjr82

Ethical Issues Concerning Cloning of Human beings
An opinionated look at the moral and ethical issues of human cloning.
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This paper analyzes the ethical and moral issues concerning the cloning of human beings. The author touches on some aspects of cloning, how it has developed and its side-effects. The author gives an opinionated argument about the effects that cloning of human beings will have on society's perception of what it means to be a human being, as well as questions about a cloned individual's personal identity, uniqueness, and individuality.

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"Recent news that scientists in Scotland had succeeded in cloning an adult sheep ignited a worldwide debate. Of particular concern are the ethical and social implications of the potential application of cloning techniques to produce human beings. The Scottish announcement marked the first time that researchers were able to produce an exact genetic replica of an adult animal."

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