Ethical Assessment Project: Gumdrop Northern and Production Argumentative Essay by scribbler

Ethical Assessment Project: Gumdrop Northern and Production
An assessment paper on the ethical issues and production by the military manufacturing corporation, Gumdrop Northern.
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Published on Aug 27, 2012 in Ethics (General) , Military (General)

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This paper, though meant to be an assessment, provides more of an argument on the ethical issues facing Gumdrop Northern and its manufacturing habits for the military. Using third party studies, the essay shows that certain manufacturing provided by Gumdrop Northern is substandard for military battle and this lack of proper production provides a clear ethical issue for in relation to war, business and humanity. The writer uses the paper to argue that the safety issues and need for proper oversight might be addressed immediately.

From the Paper:

"1.1 Issue 1: The Facts
"Gumdrop Northern manufactures military equipment such as vehicles and weapons, both for the United States and for foreign clients. Although receiving a large amount of money for their work, the company is not as concerned with quality as they should be. The materials used in manufacturing are substandard. The result is that the body armor does not protect service members when faced with most antipersonnel ammunition.
"While the vehicles are strong and sturdy on the sides and top, their undersides are however only protected by a thin sheet of steel, which fails entirely to protect military personnel from Improvised Explosive Device (IED) explosions.
"A simple solution to the problem is to provide standard issue flak jackets, which would have prevented most injuries as a result of the low quality of the vehicles. However, fear of losing the contract has prevented the company from disclosing the full truth of the issue to its clients.
"1.2 Ethical Issues
"The ethical issues involved in this issue relate to honest disclosure, quality of product, and the loss of lives. Firstly, Gumdrop is dishonest in its business practices for fear of losing a valuable and high-paying contract. This dishonesty results in the loss of many lives that could have been saved by means of a simple, standard, and low-cost solution - the addition of flack jackets. Instead, Gumdrop's refusal to disclose the full truth of their position has resulted in the
loss of life.
"Secondly, as a manufacturer of goods, the company is not upholding its responsibility to create products that are of the best possible quality. It is using materials of substandard quality, knowing that the result would be a substandard and unsafe product. This is a very serious ethical violation, particularly because the military is involved, and most importantly because lives are at stake. This is in direct violation both of business and military ethics, which are both concerned with product quality and safety of use."

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