Environmental Policy & The American Democratic System Argumentative Essay by kbrox06

Environmental Policy & The American Democratic System
An analysis of how the American democratic system affects its environmental policies.
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This paper discusses the inherent flaws found in the American democratic system in regards to the formation of effective environmental policy. It talks about the tragedy of the commons, race to the bottom theory, spillover, and economies of scale. It advocates for the formation of a centralized governmental policy in regards to the environment. This paper supports its argument through the use of examples ranging from the struggle between Maine and the Midwest in regards to acid rain, as well as mentioning several of Nixon's environmental initiatives and what is necessary to make effective environmental policy on the federal level with the current form of American democracy.

From the Paper:

"The idea of a three branch system of government comes largely in part from the fear of factions. As do the two, four, and six year terms of service assigned to the senate, house, and presidency. These provisions help to keep a system of checks and balances in which no one group can gain too much power. However they do not only stave off factions, but make it hard for the federal government to come together and institute strong cohesive environmental policy. The constitution also dictates that any power not specifically given to the federal government goes to the states which is why the current system of decentralized environmental policy making is in place, however it is time for a change."

Sample of Sources Used:

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