End the War on Drugs: Decriminalize Argumentative Essay by Madame Mimi

End the War on Drugs: Decriminalize
A discussion of drug policy, the U.S. drug war and possible solutions.
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This is a brief glance into the United States' drug war. Its main thesis is that the U.S. drug policy has failed, especially in Latin America, and that a starting point would be the decriminalization of certain types of drug use. The large focus of the essay is on the use of marijuana and the policy changes that have evolved with such use. It argues that the case for decriminalization needs to be looked at again and a more sensible approach to laws and offenses must be taken.

From the Paper:

"The United States hates to admit defeat in war, but the drug war is one conflict for which a peaceful settlement should be sought. Rooted in Puritanism and blinded by self-righteousness, it's time to open our eyes and see what we have created. Offered here is a brief glance at history to show that U. S. drug policy in Latin America has failed miserably and has in fact been the cause of massive devastation both there and at home. U.S. policy has backfired, working to increase, not decrease violence and illicit trade. It's time to surrender, call a truce, and negotiate an alternative to failed militaristic policy. Decriminalization seems the obvious start.

Let's begin with a few historical highlights. The cultivation of hemp was actually encouraged in the U.S. from 1600-1890. Hemp from which marijuana is derived was an important component in the production of rope and clothing. In Virginia in 1619 legislation was passed that required every farmer to grow hemp. Hemp considered legal tender in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland (Busted)."

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