Economic Globalization Argumentative Essay by writingsensation

Economic Globalization
This paper discusses economic globalization at a time when markets, business and consumers have stepped onto an international level.
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In this article, the writer explains that in economic globalization there should be free trade or what can be called "flow of goods or services". The writer looks at the benefits of economic globalization in today's international market. Further, the writer discusses the downfalls of economic globalization and looks at its negative effects. The writer examines how huge corporations have always favored economic globalization and because they control the policy and influence the elections, their policies always promote economic globalization regardless of its negative effects seen globally. The writer contends that the general public is against this view and aims for a system that would help the people to get more jobs and allow the developing countries to get developed. The writer concludes that it is important that people should realize that economic globalization is not the best option and there is a need to drift to alternatives presented by many economists who aim for a better future.

From the Paper:

"Trade is an important factor for the economical strengthening of the nations across the globe. The exports would be the input of the money into the country where the imports are described as the output of money of a country or nation. Moreover, due to international trade, the consumers in America have the chance to buy the same goods which the local producers make, at relatively cheap prices which do not affect the quality of the product. It is the trade of one good that a country specializes in with a good that another specializes in. Therefore both import and export are necessary and one cannot exist without another. International trade also reduces the inflexibility of an economy and enhances its flexibility and thus enables it to respond to the changing of the economic condition. Competition increases with trade and thus every organization aims at producing better quality products at lower prices. In practical this is seen in the case of Japan, who in a small time frame has successfully produced low-priced yet high quality products as compared to other competitors from across the globe."

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