Drug Testing in School Argumentative Essay by cee-cee

Drug Testing in School
A look at the arguments for and against drug-screening programs in high schools.
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The paper discusses the benefits of random screening for athletes in high schools, the proven efficacy of a drug-screening program and the fact that drug testing facilitates early detection of drug abuse. The paper then focuses on the arguments against drug testing, including the privacy concern of the student, the financial cost of the tests and the loss of trust between students and teachers or parents. The paper further relates that drug testing is less effective as a deterrent compared with other interventions, it may result in false positives and may force students to take drugs that are not easy to detect but are more dangerous. The paper therefore concludes that a more promising alternative is to increase students' awareness of the dangers of drug abuse by means of after school educational programs, counseling sessions and most importantly, promoting their participation in extra-curricular activities.

Drug Testing Benefits
Cons of Drug Testing

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