Controversy Over Capital Punishment Argumentative Essay by Nicky

Controversy Over Capital Punishment
A look at the debate surrounding the use of capital punishment in the United States.
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The paper outlines the historical controversies concerning the use of capital punishment and then focuses on contemporary concerns. The paper discusses ethical worries about the manner in which it is implemented, its disproportionate effect on the poor and on racial minorities, and especially over the issue of wrongful conviction and execution of innocent defendants. The paper also considers the view that capital punishment may have international implications relating to the way Americans are perceived worldwide.

Background and History of the Issues
Domestic Concerns and Public Opinion

From the Paper:

"Until relatively modern times, capital punishment was a form of punishment practiced throughout the civilized world. In addition to being prescribed for the crime of murder, various societies also imposed it for numerous other crimes, including instances detailed in the Judeo-Christian Bible. By the end of the 20th century, comparatively few nations still maintain capital punishment, although several presently impose it for crimes such as drug smuggling and homosexuality, in addition to murder. The United Nations is formally opposed to capital punishment, but its opposition does not carry the weight of international law and is not binding on its member nations (Lancet, 2008)."

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