"Computers: What are they doing to our children?" Argumentative Essay by Peter Pen

"Computers: What are they doing to our children?"
Argues that the use of computers in the classroom has reduced the effectiveness of education in the United States.
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This paper discusses the relationship between the use of computers in the classroom and the decline in our national testing score averages. The writer explains that the government's goal to put computers in every classroom is being achieved at the cost of hiring more teachers, investing in books, artistic programs and field trips. The writer argues that having computers in classrooms may improve a child's ability to learn in a small way, but overall they cause more harm than they do good for young students. When computers are used as primary resources for education they often stunt creativity, reduce proper social skills, and can expose children to early loss of eyesight. The paper concludes that with a reemphasis on critical reading, writing, mathematics, debate, and situations where students have to interact directly with their peers, instead of through an instant message, we will see America's young people take the forefront of education once again.

From the Paper:

"When computers are misused in our classrooms, or they are introduced to children when they are too young, they often have the reverse effects that we intend them to have. More often than not students have become accustomed to relying on computers rather than using them as a resource. That is an important distinction we have to make when it comes to computers in the classroom; computers are best when used as secondary resources, as opposed to using them as a primary source of information and learning. It is vital to maintain basic learning skills like critical reading and critical writing because we as a society have put more emphasis on relying on software to do things for us."

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