"Comprehensive Mercury Reduction Act Proposal" Argumentative Essay by hicaliber

"Comprehensive Mercury Reduction Act Proposal"
This paper analyzes the political and financial issues likely to emerge from the "Comprehensive Mercury Reduction Act Proposal".
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This paper explains that mercury preparations and compounds are a vitally important component of U.S. production in a wide range of industries, but its use carries with it some known health and environmental risks. The author points out that the coal, agricultural and healthcare industries, which use mercury compounds, are most likely in favor of the legislation because of a lack of a suitable alternative. The paper recommends that the U.S. Senate support the proposed legislation because it represents a viable approach to moderating the impact of mercury emissions across the board, provides those industries that are not currently able to achieve EPA standards with the opportunity to improve and is cost advantageous.

Table of Contents:
Background and Overview
Coverage in the National and Local Media
Conclusions and Recommendations

Sample of Sources Used:

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