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Capital Punishment
This paper argues in favor of abolishing the death penalty.
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In this article, the writer maintains that the death penalty is an abhorrent, barbaric practice from the days of kings, queens, and sorcerers and it should be abolished immediately. The writer claims that most Americans today believe in the death penalty because they believe it is a deterrent to violent crime. Statistics, however, show that law enforcement does not agree. The writer points out that most Americans also believe that the death penalty brings some amount of closure to the families of the victims of violent crime, but most family members who are willing to comment on the issue feel that wishing for someone to die does not help them heal. The death of the criminal only causes another family to grieve, instead of helping the family of the victim to stop grieving. Most victims' families would rather work on getting on with their lives and dealing with their pain than wait around to see if the murderer of a loved one is going to be executed. The writer concludes that fighting for an execution is a constant reminder to these people that they have lost someone to senseless and tragic violence.

From the Paper:

"First of all, allowing the death penalty to continue is allowing human beings to play God. After all, one of the Ten Commandments does say "thou shalt not kill," and while it should definitely apply to the person who committed the crime, it should also apply to our government. Most people who believe in the Christian God believe that before we are born, our whole life, including when we will die, is determined. In the case of violent crime, although it seems extremely tragic and unfair, it was that person's time to die. When the person who committed the crime is executed, he dies before his determined time and the government has taken over the role of God. Even those who argue that predetermination means that the judgment of execution for a violent crime makes it the criminal's time to die still have a hard time explaining why they are going against one of the Ten Commandments. Secondly, the United States prohibits the execution of anyone who was under eighteen when they committed their crime, or who is mentally disabled, or both. There are laws in place that are supposed to prevent those kinds of executions from ever taking place in any state."

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